SCC’s ONLINE Marriage Course

In 2018 we began running “The Marriage Course”. Since then 35 couples have participated.

We are now excited to announce that we have launched the ALL-NEW + ONLINE version of the Marriage Course. You and your partner could join the course that everyone talks about – from your homes via Zoom (whether for the first time or as a refresher!)

The Marriage Course has seven sessions and is designed to support couples looking for practical support to strengthen their relationship. The video series has been updated and the journals re-edited. The new VIDEO is in English (with no subtitles yet) but the manuals are offered in English OR Spanish, and each participant receives their own. We invite you to prepare or purchase a special meal for two and set the ambiance. Each couple connects to a screen at home, and during the “couple-time” talk, cameras are turned off to ensure privacy.

Also‚Ķ why not invite your friends to join in? You can tell them what to expect (eat together, watch an episode, talk privately). We are running The Online Marriage Course on Monday evenings, between 8.30 pm and 10.00 pm. The 7 sessions started on July 26th and finish on September 6th. Don’t worry if you are not in Chile… the wonders of technology allow us to share the sessions far and wide (within reasonable time zones).

We invite you to click on the link below where you’ll find more information and the registration form. If you’d like to register, please do so as soon as possible to ensure participation and receipt of journals.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact a Marriage Course Pilot Team Member (Janis & Ed Fuentes, Becky Linton & Patricio Rojas, Anne McLean) or write to us: