Stewardship 2020

Thank-you to everyone of you who has filled out and handed in a Stewardship Form for 2020!

If you plan to continue with the same pledge this year as last, we’d still really like you to fill out a Stewardship Form for 2020 – to avoid any false assumptions!

Forms can be placed in our offertory bags any Sunday, or sent to us via e-mail/post. (Our postal address is: Santiago Community Church, Casilla 16144/9, Santiago)

These are the documents associated with our 2020 pledge campaign. If you have not already done so, please download them and consider supporting SCC financially or in other ways.

From the 2020 Stewardship Launch

Your Gifts at Work

2020 Stewardship Letter: Treasures in Heaven

Printed Stewardship Form

Bank details

To make a financial donation to our church’s ministry via bank transfer, please use the following bank details:

  • Bank: Santander
  • Cta Cte.: 02-66793-2
  • Santiago Community Church / RUT: 71.522.900-5
  • e-mail:

If you pledge via bank transfer, please add the number of pesos corresponding to your pledge number to the amount transferred to make tracing deposits easier. i.e. If you were assigned pledge number 82 and you are depositing $50.000, please consider depositing $50.082.-