Use of premises

We prioritize the use of our facilities as follows:

  1. Activities directly related to the mission of SCC: The proclamation of the Gospel including activities such as Sunday services, Sunday school, Bible studies, weddings, funerals, study sessions, retreats, community activities, etc. (This includes the activities of SCC and Iglesia Providencia).
  2. Sporadic meetings/activities of other churches which are compatible with the above and the mission and values of SCC.
  3. Sporadic meetings/activities of other not for profit entities compatible with the mission and values of SCC
  4. On an extraordinary basis, with case by case approval by Council, non-profit cultural activities, such as concerts or similar.    

As a general rule our facilities are not available for uses other than those listed above. We do not commit our facilities to regular use by external entities.

External groups using the facilities are expected to make a contribution which as a minimum meets the direct expenses associated to holding the event and shall be responsible for any damage.

Our premises are reserved strictly for non-profit use. All proceeds from any fairs, fundraisers or similar activities will benefit the church or specific charity/non-profit for which it was raised. Commercial use of the premises is not allowed.


We receive many requests for use of our church building for weddings. Weddings must be booked in person at the church office although enquiries may be made by telephone or e-mail. Various terms and conditions apply.

We apply a fixed charge for the use of the church of UF10 for SCC and IP weddings and UF13 for external weddings. In all cases, the minister celebrating the wedding must be known to us.


We do not charge for funerals. A donation to the church is greatly appreciated. Our direct costs are estimated at UF3.


Baptisms take place during a regular Sunday service. There is no charge. The candidate (or their parents in case of infant baptism) are expected to attend some preparation sessions prior to baptism.

We do not hold private baptisms.