Our Aim

As we meet as a community united in Christ, we aim to:

a) Glorify God by worshipping together and serving in Christ’s name.

b) Pursue unity in the Christian faith through worship, celebrating our cultural and denominational diversity.

c) Develop a loving and caring fellowship through worship services and other activities.

d) Encourage spiritual growth in people of all ages, both in church and at home, by studying the Word, by praying and by witnessing to Christ in Word and Deed.

e) Support lay training and lay ministry within the congregation.

f) Fulfill our pastoral duties through counselling, visiting, and giving assistance especially to our sick and elderly.

g) Further the Kingdom of Jesus Christ by sharing the Gospel with others, drawing upon our God-given gifts and abilities.

h) Build relationships with other Christian churches and organizations, seeking opportunities to serve together.

In relation to the final objective, the Spanish-language Iglesia Anglicana Providencia meets in our Church building every Sunday at 12 noon immediately after our English-speaking service.