Minister Search Process

Santiago Community Church is an international, interdenominational and independent church, looking to grow.  We are seeking a dynamic full-time pastor with fresh ideas, who will lead our church and share and develop our vision into the future as from (ideally) early 2021.  He or she must have a strong sense of God’s calling to bring the message of Jesus Christ to members of the different long-term and transient English-speaking communities in Santiago and be able to work with people of various denominational and theological backgrounds, maintaining unity within our diversity and enabling us to live out our faith in our everyday lives.

We are the first port of call for students, businesspeople and expats in general, who are seeking an English-speaking church. We are not looking for a pastor to slip into a previously defined role, but rather someone whose heart is to serve the Lord and spread the Gospel in this city as it is and will become in the 2020’s.

The successful applicant must be flexible, adaptable and inclusive, promoting the active engagement of lay leadership and encouraging members to discover and use their own gifts for the extension of the Gospel, ministry and service. Patience and a good sense of humour are indispensable!


Although we will submit to God’s perfect timing, our proposed schedule for this process is as follows:

  • March 30th: Cut-off date for first batch of applications.
  • April 30th: Cut-off date for second batch of applications.
  • May 31st: Cut-off date for third batch of applications (if required).

We plan to review applications during the 15 days following each cut-off date and will strive to make preliminary contact with applicants within 30 days of each cut-off date. This is the phase during which we hope to clarify any major questions.

We expect the written exchange with selected candidates to be followed by video conferences between candidates and the search team.

Candidates should be willing to travel to Santiago for around a week (preferably including two Sundays) for personal interviews/meetings and a chance to interact with the congregation prior to being offered the position.

We hope to be in a position to call a minister some time during the second semester of 2020 but this will depend on our being convinced that the candidate is the person God is calling here at this time.


The documents pertaining to this process are:

  • Job Advertisement
  • Description of current activities
  • Statement of Faith
  • Application form

All are available for download in PDF format here:

Please complete your application form using the following Word document as a template.

Please send your applications to


  1. All applications will be acknowledged and treated confidentially.
  2. Please note that the position is currently scheduled to become vacant during the last quarter of 2020. We would look for the selected candidate to be available to assume the position either during the last quarter of 2020 or first semester of 2021. 
  3. We are initially searching via our network of connections and word of mouth. We may advertise the position more widely in the future if the quantity of suitable applicants received by April 2020 is insufficient.
  4. The compensation package will be in line with a reasonable local standard including provision of the church house. Due to current financial constraints and the depreciation of the Chilean Peso against major international currencies, candidates from abroad feeling called to the position may be taking a salary cut and/or require funding from sponsors who share their vision of a mission to English-speakers in Santiago.